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Price Verification Services

Price verification services help to pinpoint discrepancies in retail prices between the shelf and cash register. By taking a proactive approach, your business can improve customer satisfaction and avoid costly regulatory fines.

WIS International has experienced personnel who can collect this vital data so that it can be compared against corporate or store specific price files and prepare summary reports. These valuable reports allow you to identify pricing disconnects and develop an action plan to address these discrepancies.

Examples of data that can be collected during a price verification project include:

  • Pricing discrepancies
  • Misaligned products
  • Missing labels / tickets
  • Out-of-stock product
Here’s how you’ll benefit from a price verification project:
  • Assist in identifying source of pricing errors
  • Reduce under/overcharges
  • Maintain consumer confidence
  • Increase in-stock position
  • No disruption to your business

Price Verification Services

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities

WIS International is always looking for energetic and team-oriented individuals to join our inventory teams in a fun and fast-paced environment located at our global customer sites.