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WIS International Retail Merchandising Services

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WIS International Retail Merchandising Services

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WIS International Retail Merchandising

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Product Recall
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Product Recalls



When a product recall occurs, manufacturers need qualified partners to assist in protecting the public and their brand quickly and professionally. With thousands of personnel we are able to deploy nationwide teams quickly to remove the product from the shelf, verify removal, package, ship or destroy the item, document quantities for credit memo, or even purchase the item at retail. WIS International has worked on recalls and product purchase projects ranging from a few hundred stores to nearly 60,000.

Typically, with very short notice we deploy our trained personnel to scour the retail or warehouse location for affected product, remove it from the shelf or bay, quantify the find and ship or dispose of it per specific recall requirements.  When the needs of the client arise, we have the unique ability to issue, distribute and fund credit cards in our employees’ names, to make and account for retail purchases.  All the while, our WISard data capture terminals aide the process. From hard lines and household items, to OTC Pharmaceuticals, we are thorough, fast and provide third-party objectivity.